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To be a nelly bottom is similar to being a piggy bottom, power bottom, or pig bottom. To be a nelly bottom is when you, the gay man, strive to have your anus pounded with another guys penis. Being a nelly bottom means you can take any size, length, width that is thrusted your way. Making sounds such as nelly, makes you a nelly bottom. Not a high pitched moan or even a wimper like some pig bottoms will do, but to make a "Nelly" sound of complete enjoyment. Loving it and making a lower pitched yet steady beat of non stop anal intercourse.
Preston's boyfriend is a huge Nelly bottom, they will fuck for hours and his boyfriend still hasn't had enough of that 10incher.
by Mr. Mark James February 11, 2006
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A gay man who treats his asshole like a girl treats her pussy.

A nelly bottom has a yearning and a desire for anal penetration at all hours of the day or night.
Bryanboy is a flaming homosexual and a nelly bottom.

See for reference.
by Kris[OT] January 28, 2006
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