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the most hardcore term for a "nigger" or some black idiot that talks alot of shit. a negrum is way more hardcore then a nigger.... the ranks are niglet, nigger, negrum where negrum being the highest and niglet the lowest,like the niglets at school (talk shit), niggers steal shit and talk about rims, and negrums are so fucking hardcore they will punch you flat out for no reason
damn man that nigga is crazy
shit man hear comes a NEGRUM FUCKING RUN
by T^rizzle September 26, 2005
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the best word to describe people like don king. crazy black people who do nothing but get on your nerves and talk about slavery and the evil whitefolk. most negrums have frizzy black hair but some see the good in being white and dye it yellow, then try to talk about white things like nintendo but it doesnt work. negrums can be found in the back of ghetto CVS stores popping dozens of tylenol pills and sniffing the stick stuff on envelopes at the post office complaining about cars.
that negrum looks like he could use some chicken.
by not_another_black_man September 27, 2005
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