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Pedophile - when one loves children in an explicit way
Necropediphile - when one loves dead children in an eplicit way... a very very disturbing shamefull way that degrades the human race... but its still pretty fucking funny
Antwon~ "Hey you do you know Randy?"

Julio~ "Oh do you mean the guy that looks at little kids weird?"

Antwon~ "Yeah that sick bastard, he's fucking crazy dude."

Emilio~ "You guys want some nachos?"

Antwon & Julio~ "Hells Yeah!"

Emilio~ "So what the fuck where you guys talking about"

Antwon & Julio~ "Randy"

Emilio~ "Oh that sick fucking necropediphilac?"

Antwon & Julio~ "What the hell do you mean?"

Emilio~ "Yeah necropediphile, he breaks into childrens cemetaries digs up a couple bodies then fucks em' ragged till there nothing but flesh condoms!"

Julio~ "Fucking gross!"

Antwon~ "Dude not cool."

Emilio~ "yeah."

All together~ "ROFLCOPTER x 564,783,756.5!"

by Azul6 August 29, 2008
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