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Every once in a while a neck comes along which is worthy of a necksecution whereupon it is categorized. The aesthetics of the neck are of paramount concern and there exist many components of the neck that are evaluated: thickness of neck, jugular region, adams apple region, the nape of the neck, the neckular aroma, and the accessories of the neck. Upon evaluating these components a neck will be qualified as a good neck or a bad neck.

The neck that is deemed a ten or above on a scale of one to ten by the necksecution committee is deemed a good neck.

The necksecuction commitee is identified with a secret hand shake addressing as to when necksecution will occur.

So go forth and neck young child.
Operation necksecution is totally going down tonight. Gonna get some great neck.

What's good with ya neck girl?
by Guerbear November 06, 2010
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