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The girl's name Nazneen is pronounced nahz-NEEN. It is of Farsi origin, and its meaning is "exquisitely beautiful; charming." The name is meant to convey the superlative sense of the charm of a beloved woman or child.
Beautiful Name!
I recommend you to name your girl, nazneen
by Sakina June 24, 2006
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She is an amazing wife with an amazing heart she will love you eternally as long as ur real and not a fake. She is a very pretty girl who is too good for anyone, she has a nice personality a pretty face and an adorable mouth watering body. She is afraid of getting hurt, she is absent minded she doesn’t notice sometimes people really do care for her specifically her love! Her love has always got her back and always will together they are invincible.
She likes to help her friends out whenever she can she isn’t fake and never will be u my girllll are a true one !
Ur a goddesss, An Angel; A Queen

Every guy seems to be drawn to her and not just because of her amazing ass but her looks and also her personality. She can be a mean ass girl but once you get to know her you will fall in love with her but that's one of the many reasons why you will love her. She is hard to talk to but when u start talking u will instantly fall in love with her. She is funny, honest, and has a beautiful smile and a big heart, definitely someone you don't want to lose.

I love you Nazneen❀️
Nazneen An angel sent from heavens.
The Queen Of All Queens!
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Nazneen is a girl who really like chicken, and his bf nood ( not talking about food for this one.. but it can finish in mouth too ), she is smoll but has a HUGE heart as big as her perverted mind. Her boobs are normal big, but a bit more big than normal as they exceed from bra. She's very hot in couple, sometimes too much as spices in her dishes.. Sometimes she's dumbo but at the end, she is ever so cute !
" Omg was that an earth quake ?? _ No, it was just a Nazneen Burp "
by moksy October 11, 2018
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