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1. When conversing with other sailors, commonly referred to as a female sailor, who walks with 3-6 other male sailors, usually after basic training or at a "A" or "C" school command, that is the object of the surrounding sailors lust.

2. A female sailor with a big ass who is usually characterized with the term "tease".
SN Smuckatelli: Hey man, look at that Navy bitch over there, I so want to get with her.

SN Umpteesquat: Man, fuck that Navy bitch, we had a hotel party the other night and she wouldn't even give me a rusty trombone.
by Babbabooie April 30, 2008
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In short:

(1)Navy bitchs pride themselves on there ability to show up to work and do absolutely nothing, get awards and still get better Evals than you. They accomplish this with volunteering and collateral duties.

(2) The typical navy bitch gets pregnant shortly after joining the navy or just before a deployment.

(3) Also refered to as a qual whore
Navy Whoreskaterbitchcum dumpsterqual whorenavy bitch
by SHOREsTUD October 16, 2009
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