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In short:

(1)Navy bitchs pride themselves on there ability to show up to work and do absolutely nothing, get awards and still get better Evals than you. They accomplish this with volunteering and collateral duties.

(2) The typical navy bitch gets pregnant shortly after joining the navy or just before a deployment.

(3) Also refered to as a qual whore
by SHOREsTUD October 16, 2009

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1. see Navy Bitch

2. Navy female who holds quals, usually many, with no ability or intent for use with actual work.

3. Qual whores use qualifications as a way to obtain good evals without having to do actual work.

4. The daily routine of a qual whore usually consists of getting the chief his coffee(NAM worthy) skipping out on work to obtain a qualification(for an EP) and talking on her cell phone (multiple times daily)
Man that fucking Qual whore got an EP.

That navy bitch is a real qual whore

GUY 1: "did you see that navy bitch that wasn't pregnant?"
GUY 2: "yeah, I seen the boogy man too"
by SHOREsTUD October 17, 2009

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