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Navira is a type of girl that's just breathtaking. She has the best taste in music and will qlways make you giddy inside, but she can cook you in hell's fires if you get on her bad side. She will always defend you if you get in trouble and will win any argument she faces because of her love to read and gather information.

A navi can be the best cooks and will make sure you are happy. Although a navi can sometimes judge themselves and suffer from incorrect self image so they need constant assurance and care. They have the most contagious laughs and giggles and just have the most witty ideas ever.
Do not ever lose a navira as theyre a treasure a very rare personality that will take you to another world. They will take care of you but forget themselves so dont forget to remind them how important they are. Do NOT ever ever lose a navi as this definition just doesnt cover how amazing and extrodinary they are.
PersonA- Hey hows the debate?
PersonB- I cant! I cant do this, she is killing me!
PersonA- Who?
PersonB- Navira, man! She's gonna win no doubt of that!
PersonA-Oh my god, just leave let's go you cant win this shes too good
by I can't not say the truth February 21, 2018
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