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Naugalettes, (pronounced nawglets) are the little offspring of the adult Naugas. Naugas are the providers of the raw material to create the synthetic leather called Naugahyde. Unlike the adults, Naugalettes do not shed their skin and consequently fall victim to slaughter to create a more supple and tender version of Naugahyde. This rare and quite lucrative material is only found in expensive Naugahyde upholstery. A little known fact is that Hillary's office chairs are ONLY allowed to be covered in this rare material. One can only speculate what it feels like to rest one's sore ass atop this supple, virgin material.
See above. Or picture a group of Naugalettes as those little fleas left behind on the seat of a Harley after some skank just rode up to Summerfest on it in 100 degree heat and left a stain or two behind.
by Harold... of Harold and Rene September 29, 2011
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