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Natzee is a term used by those who understand the word "nazi" is a derogatory slang term ,and real national socialists are aware of this. We use this term because we spell it the way it sounds, and it might get people thinking "why is it spelled this way?"

When we use "natzee" it is in an ironic way. For example "those evil natzee Trump supporters! They need to be stopped!"

Anyone who uses the term "nazi" is proving their ignorance because the Germans and national socialists never used this term to refer to themselves.

A national socialist does not identify with the term "nazi" in the same way an Afrikaner does not identify with the term "nigger".

If you want to learn more, please watch The Greatest Story Never Told.
The other day a libtard called me a "natzee" because I was wearing my "Make America Great Again" hat.
by Graham_ August 04, 2017
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