on november 23rd, you're allowed to kick anyone taller than 5'4 with no consequences.
person1: "hey, it's november 23rd <3"
person2: "okay, and?"
person1: "national kick tall people day"
person2: *runs*
by petalstarlight October 21, 2020
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On October 25th, you can kick people over 5' 4" without any consequences
Person 1 (shorter than 5' 4"): Do you know what day it is?
Person 2 (Taller than 5'4"): No, what?
Person 1: National kick tall people day, where anyone shorter than 5'4 can kick people taller than 5'4!
Person 2: WHY
by KazuichiSoda October 21, 2021
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