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He is the type of guy that you will find best in a person. He is a good guy and always have time with his friends and would try to hangout with them if he got the chance. But when it comes to relationship he always try to be the best boyfriend he could be but, he is a sensitive and jealous type when it comes to a relationship but he only do that because he cares and protective. He really have affection towards his lover and he would be a totally different person than you thought he would be. He is usually the baby in the relationship but a cute one. He is also a chiling out going person and always speak out his own mind no matter it is against the society itself. He have those sexy butt that everyone adores and pretty much cant resist it. He always up for new adventures and travel around the world. He have a very good taste for music and designing. Not to mention a god in bed. He always passion with his work and enjoy his job so much and have a big love for coffee!!

So dont miss out of Nasriq cause he is the best person you could be with.
Yo! Have you seen his video? He just travel to New Zealand and goes bungee jumping there. Wow! That Nasriq guy is so cool!

YEAH! I'm so jealous of him. Wish I could have his life style.
by Feequte January 03, 2018
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