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The helper of god. Pretty smart tall and loving with good advice
You are very nasira.
by sarahs October 10, 2013
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Nasira is a very smart, cute and amazing woman, who will love you with all she has and is one of the best Companions/lovers to ever exist. Nasira is extremely good at helping others. Nasira will make an ideal wife and mother to the guy she marries. Nasira is simply perfect.
by Nasira March 25, 2019
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Just that one girl from africa. She has a brother but they should go to alabama. Then there is a kid called alieu and they are dating. But Mamas Bot think they are dating. She also has a flat top and wears durags to school. She fucked her brother in the stall.
Nasira is fucking gross
by hdfjhfjd May 20, 2019
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