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A intelligent, gorgeous, hot, funny, creative, helpful, and strong girl.
by Rachel Claire June 16, 2016
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One of the most amazing girls you will ever meet. She can make your day better just by looking at you. She's one of the most beautiful girls you'll ever see, and seeing her smile makes you feel inside like you've been touched by an angel. She never intentionally tries to hurt anyone. Even when she is annoyed with someone, she'll greet them with a smile everyday to try and make their day the best it can be. She might go through some emotionally or physically hard times, but she will always puts on a smile for the world to see. If you have a friend named Nashra, cherish her, love her, and never let her go.
Nashra just makes my day better by being there.
by Aditi Rao June 29, 2018
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