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An introvert, likes being alone. Often misunderstood. Very shy but intelligent. Creative and loves gaming. Modest and beautiful, known for having the most gorgeous eyes. It's very rare for her to open up to anybody. When comfortable around someone, she's funny and historical. She's very adventorous and curious. She's very unique and she's one of a kind. Good at hiding feelings, but very sensitive. She has a very low tolerance and is short tempered but when she truly loves someone, she'll be able to tolerate them. She's very fun once you get to know her...well that's if she lets you get to know her, she's mysterious, a mystery yet to be solved, many secrets buried deep to uncover.
guy1- wow those eyes, who's that girl?
me - naseeha, my future wife, back off
by Broinislam August 15, 2017
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Someone with the most amazing and perfect personality and heart , she is cute and gorgeous and everyone needs a naseeha . She is loyal , trustworthy and so much more . Defines perfection for the world. She always lead you to the right road no matter what .
I have a Naseeha , and she is the most amazing girl I ever met ,with the most amazing heart and personality.
by Naseeha August 15, 2017
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