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A polymath in an industry that has a high level of related skills.

The word is based around the idea that there are "unicorns" in a particular industry. The problem with term, however, is that unicorns are a mythological figure and no one has ever seen them, they exist as a figment of our imagination.

Narwhals, on the other hand, are real, endangered, and have been called the unicorns of the sea for their similar, singular horn. If you combine that with Waldo, an elusive figure that is hard to find even though he sticks out-- you have a Narwhaldo.

This is a metaphor for people that are real and produce high quality work because of their well rounded ability to put things in the context of their many skills. They are tricky to find, but putting one on your team is a solid investment.

Narwhal + Waldo = Narwhaldo
Did you see that clean aesthetic? The UX of her work is incredible. She coded the entire thing? We might be looking at an elusive narwhaldo.
by DesignHead May 01, 2014
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