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a person who was eavesdropping on someone while eating a corndog. this person often resembles a dumbass eavesdropper who daily gets the shit kicked out of them.

it can also resemble a person from a distinct background of the Noogles, a nargie noogle is a person who is a leader of the noogles which is an hidden ancient race trying to climb through the slip n slides of time to take back there invention, the Telly Tubbies.
Mike: dude did you hear what happened the other day?
Joe: yeah man I heard that the president of the anime manga club resigned due to harassment
Total Tool Nargie Noogle: no no you guys are both wrong (munches on corndog) he resigned from getting beat in checkers way too many times by a dalmation

Mike: what a nargie noogle

Joe: yeah lets jump his bitchass

Bob: OMG!! did you hear the Noogles are returning?

Jimbo: no way!

Bob: yep i heard mark was the Nargie Noogle
Jimbo: holy shitsauce!
by r o y a l t y June 07, 2010
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