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Narff: A word used to express different emotions, depending on tone and context. Can express a desire for something. Can mean anything from agreement, and excitement to dissatisfaction, or disappointment. Can be in response to either good OR bad news.
Origin: Reminisent of character "Snarf" from Thundercats.
Example 1:

Kid #1: Guess what I just got for my birthday! That PSP you always wanted!

Kid #2: NARFF!*

(Aka: "That's not fair, I wanted that!"
by CeiCo July 07, 2008
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Narff : A random sound effect :3 alot of scene kids use it nowadays
"XX: OMG! i ripped my pants! "
"XXX: oh-ehm-gee What teh narff! you did! coolio! XD "
by Aeyraxcore December 17, 2008
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