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Someone with an incendiary attitude, who treats people badly or do dangerous and stupid things due to their own frustration, misery or jealousy for another person for apparently nor reason.

Background: When the word "narf" was first utilized, it referenced the animated series Pinky and the Brain. Since the term "narf" from aforementioned animated series is cool, it is the "shit".

A narf-bucklet is a euphemism of a fart, shit pellet or ass raisin. People who are rude are shitheads, or little shits, hence, narf-bucklet.
1. "Man, that guy just cut me off in traffic!"
"Aw fuck him, he's just a narf-bucklet."

2. "That narf-bucklet needs to watch his mouth"

3. "Grow up! You're acting like a narf-bucklet."
by Richy Arkham May 14, 2009
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