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NarCONon is a scam run by the Cult of Scientology. They use massive and unsafe doses of Niacin that have been shown to cause organ failure combined with hours on a treadmill and lengthy saunas instead of scientifically supported drug addiction treatment methods.

They insist that using only L. Ron Hubbard's "techniques" and rejecting all empirical science totally makes them not Scientology. They've repeatedly managed to finagle government grants for the nonsense in several countries, invariably leading to major scandals and ending the careers of politicians foolish enough to back them.
"Yeah, my mom sent me to NarCONon. They told me cocaine is stored in your body fat for years after you use it, so you have to sweat it all out. Because, you know, sweating totally cleans out your fat cells, and cocaine is totally fat soluble."

"Dude, NarCONon isn't Narcotics Anonymous. That's "NA". NarCONon is just a front for Scientology."
by Marc Abian November 10, 2013
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