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A wonderful but crazy hearted young women who can spend all her free time just being outdoors very hyper and talkative she get very shy when she crushes on someone she is extremely weird and that what make her have friends she wild when she want to be and she dances only with certain people she love to watch tv shows and like to decorated she cooks and love children's she also like to learn different languages and she always have a back-up plan when her future don't go the way she wants to a great and loveable person who like to take adventure
Guy: that Naralee crazy and weird but she so sweet

Guy 2: she adorable and I love her silliness so happy she my friend

Girl: Naralee so cool it's like never awkward around her she always have something to say

Girl2: yeah I know she a great friend she some one I can always trust
by Anthony gates January 27, 2014
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