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Naqvegan comes from the orgins of the early 2000 B.C BOOGIE Lord . It all started with the human language, there was so much people from different homes and they all needed to speak something right? So, the historical but lethal Zoinab Naqvegan comes to the rescue by making the choice of speaking one language and now she is remembered as the greatest language-er of all time! The people were so happy, they started making alters and made a unit in mathience (Math+Science) called the Naqvegans. So if you were smart, you were considered to have 100 gramoriesters (grams+calories+Liters) !
Thrasher: No Abno! I will not let you take Zoinab away from me
Abno: Ex-CUSE me!? She was the one who left you to marry me!"
Thrasher: Nuh-uh, she obviously likes me over you, I even asked the BOOGIE Lord himself!"
Abno: You are such an oogalagachiga man! Only Zoinab has the power to do that!
Zoinab Naqvegan: Oh shush you guys, both of you have lost all negative twenty-three Naqvegans gramoriesters! I would rather be with Abno by the way.
by ducks are a-Mah-zing! February 01, 2018
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