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Any male exerting feminine qualities, usually in large doses at a time. However, nannerboys consist of more than the gay community. As stated previously, any male may be a nannerboy. If one makes any sort of feminine actions on a regular basis, that person is a nannerboy. It may also be someone who is figuratively "gay" on a regular basis.

(note: when you happen upon a male in public who does something that clearly pertains to this article, it's safe to assume they're nannerboy, and you should keep as much distance as possible between yourself and said "man").


Nannerboys all originate from Nannerboy Island, which is located off the coast of Australia, somewhat close to New Zealand. Nannerboy Island is a region of the continent of australia, but it remains it's own country (for obvious reasons). Little is known about the island, due to the fact that the few foolish enough to go never made it back, but one thing that is known is there is a prison city called Tishamungo located somewhere on the island where they lock up women they captured and force them to do hard labor by day, and give oral sex lessons by night (of course it isn't sexual in anyway, they're nannerboys, they make them teach with dildos)

Hey dave, look at that jackass flailing his arms around while he's running. What a nannerboy
by Officer Mono November 09, 2008
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