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An act of betrayal, treachery or selling out. Often done in exchange for shiny objects or magic beans.

This phrase is widely used by the Asian community in London, in reference to Nanavati, a well known traitor who sided with the colonial British forces against the native rebels in the 1857 Indian war of independence and later settled in Hillingdon, West London.

Similar in use to the word Judas. Famous examples of people who "did a nanavati" include Judas Iscariot, Emmanuel Adebayor and Benedict Arnold.
Person 1: Don't tell anyone but I had an ashwin in the corner of the computer room the other day.

Person 2: Okay I won't tell anyone, I swear, wallahi.

Person 2: Tells everbody

Person 1: Your such a fucking nanavati, im gonna get Big V to finish you.
by VigBDoggyDogg May 31, 2010
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