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A feat most often seen performed by asian males of vietnamese, "bukky", laos, and cambodian decent. It's a unique stance whereby the asian male must first be wearing a sheer Versace shirt, Kappa track pants, and Nike Shox before attempting the aforementioned maneuver.

With a cigarette in one hand and a can of Coors light in the other (or bubbletea if under 14), the asian male will then lower its body, bending deep at the knees and their buttocks no higher than 1 inch from the ground, grass, floor, chair, toilet seat, pool hall stool, arcade stool, table, bus-stop bench, park bench, workout bench, diving board or newspaper bin (yes, it has been witnessed).

With the bent legs shoulder-width apart, the asian male's centre of gravity is perfectly balanced with the extended arms resting comfortably on the knees. the key here is their flat-footed posture which cannot be duplicated by caucasian males, who often need to resort to the less impressive "raised-heels" squat and end up with sore knee joints and weak balance.

When properly executed, the asian male has been known to stay in that position for the duration of an entire rave party, especially when squatting in front of the main speakers with a crew of 20 other asian males. The Nike shox are knowned to be interchanged with a pair of refugee-grade sandals, while a suitable substitution for the Versace shirt can be either Moschino, Hugo Boss, Armani, J. Lindeberg, or D&G. Kappa track pants MUST be worn to correctly perform the nammer squat.
That dude pulled a nammer squat right in the middle of the dancefloor.

Tommy told Tony not to mess with Johnny's girlfriend, so Tony pulled a nammer squat while devising a plan to cap Johnny.
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