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a person either in a popular forum or website that registered using a popular or simple user name and hasn't logged in years .
Erick: Man i was gonna sign you up on youtube with the user name tom but some guy that hadn't logged in , in 2 years had it

tom: :cry: what a name waster
by name waster July 11, 2008
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A person on Youtube who registers a username that could have been the name of a band's official channel, a professional reviewer, or simply just a cool username, and never uses the account he registered.
The official channel of the band "Zebrahead" was one of the victims of name wasting. Someone registered "zebrahead" and never used the account. So now the channel is under the name "thebizman22".

"What the fuck. Someone took my awesome username! And the only video they have uploaded was an LQ webcam upload that happened 3 years ago! Fucking name waster!"
by *ahem* nope November 14, 2011
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