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When a vehicle of any make or value has several tasteless, gaudy, poorly executed modifications.

For example:
Huge, ugly 22"+ chrome wheels that don't flow with the factory styling of the vehicle
Chrome, stick-on fender vents from Auto Zone, installed haphazardly and crooked
Chrome, stick-on numbers identifying the size of the wheels (22'', etc.), installed on the trunk lid or fenders, also crooked
A spoiler that looks like it is meant to be installed on a completely different car/doesn't match the contour of the trunk lid
Air-brushed front license plate with a dumb naggerish slogan like "keep flippin" or "you got you one!"
Faux convertible top or Landau top that is a color that absolutely does not go with the paint
Several conflicting or clashing mods like chrome wheels with gold trim, yellow wall tires, chrome wheel well trim, gold painted emblems, chrome door handles, tan Landau top, all on a two-tone silver and purple car
Vinyl decals in an ugly script signifying the trim level that the driver wished he had, but couldn't afford, like a vinyl "Impala SS" decal on an ate up 9C1 Caprice
And of course, let us not forget the most tasteless, idiotic mod of them all - DONK
Tony: My neighbor, Tyrone, just bought a pewter 2007 Infiniti M35
John: Cool, those are nice cars.
Tony: Yea his was nice until HE bought it. He's only had it for three days and it's already all naggered out with ugly ass rims, silver reflective tint complete with shitloads of bubbles, and a wing that looks like it came off a fuckin' Mitsubishi Galant. Paint doesn't even match.
John: Oh word? I sure hope he didn't go buy that fake chrome that goes on the edge of the doors.
Tony: You better believe he did. And he ran it along the front and back edges and bottoms of all the doors, the hood and the trunk lid.
John: What a stupid nagger.
by Lenny426 October 30, 2009
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