Usually refers to a very based Serb-Romanian. The urban legend can often be found in the most obscure Yugoslav servers. Experts say if you find him you will be blessed with permanent luck (unless you are a muslim). His theme songs are "Komunjare" and "Tata". World's top scientists indicate the fact that if he concentrates all of his power he can leave Hungarian women on a 250 mile radius pregnant with twins (which will be 100% romanian btw)! He was refused entry in the USA because his biceps were considered weapons of mass destruction. He can drain all of Middle East's oil in one snap of a finger!
"I hope one day I will be like Robert!"
"I heard naša vojvodina is responsible for Srebrenica."
"Hi Robert, how's it going? All good, I'm at the 5th liberated town in Srpska today!"
"My grandpa told me a story about naša vojvodina (robert)!"
by robert himself November 22, 2021
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