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Noun: The infamous "N00bstar". Derived from the word "Newbie". it was broken down to a shorter, less time consuming word, "Newb". "Newb"'s spelling was then slaughtered by bi-focal bearing computer nerds, changing the spelling from "Newb" to "Noob". Often, people continue to destroy "Newb"'s spelling by replacing the word's "O"'s to zeros, making the spelling, "N00b".
A "N00bstar" is a "Newbie" with immense negative intelligence of a given activity, such as video games, programs, etc.
For Example:
That N00bstar tried to pwn me with a flashbang 'nade. hahaha omfg rofl!!11!
by His Infernal Majesty June 25, 2005
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