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1) A moment of intense n00bocity. When one n00bs it up so harsh, that the pro's like, totally pwned them.

2) N00bgasm is formally used when someone, mostly new to gaming, sucks harsh ass.

3) It may alos be used when you are on the losing team with that n00b.
1) Joel: "OHHHH YEAH!! I owned up that guy so harsh, he must've had a n00bgasm in his pants!"

2) Colin: "That guy just lost his team that match... they must be having n00bgasms all over the place."

#)Fred: "OHHH You f*cking n00b... what the hell were you thinking?! You made us lose! Did you like, have a n00bgasm before you played?!"
by Cyanide89 April 25, 2006
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