1. One who by virtue of their newness: (a) lacks the skills required to achieve the objectives of an activity or (b) lacks knowledge of the basic strategies used by more experienced players or (c) lacks understanding of the dynamics of the community surrounding an activity.

2. An insult directed at one who, while not new, makes a mistake typically associated with those made by newcomers.
Did you just see that? What a n00b.
by supadrai December 3, 2003
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1)one who is less skilled at a video game than another. typically because the less skilled player has what is known to the video gaming world as the mythical "life" which possibly includes the last frontier or "girlfriend". 2)an insult used by gamers, who have no lives, in a way that makes them feel superior in whatever bubble they prefer to live in.
14-1 you got pwned n00b (n.). I pwned your n00bzor butt.
by bobby kline March 5, 2006
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An individual that plays a particular multiplayer game less than 15 hours a day, thus causing him/her to be less skilled at that game than the person calling him/her a n00b. N00bs are usually classified as having a job, an active social life, and possibly a lover. These things are reviled in the "gamer" community, which means that n00bs are hated with a passion in their circles.
Player 1: You're such a n00b (n.)
Player 2: No, I just have a life irl. lal
by Little Jon February 27, 2006
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