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That story was about as authentic as his 4 stripe n'adidas.
n'adidas knock-off rip-off fakebootleg counterfeit liar smackget realbustafakerfronterbe realcheck yourself
by bustaword December 07, 2010
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DEFINITION 1 : fakeass gear

DEFINITION 2: absolutely not, not going to happen, not a chance, not no way, not no how, nadidas
BRUTHA1 / did you see that dude's badass GUCCI watch.
BRUTHA2 / maaaaan, that shit's about as legit as your 4 STRIPE ADIDAS.......... N'ADIDAS - Fakeass busta.

nadidas n'adidas adidas knock-off rip-off fake counterfeit front nonsense licensed licensed gear unlicensed legit real
by bustaword December 09, 2010
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