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A myspace zombie is niether living nor dead, existing solely to check their comments every five seconds.
Julie is such a myspace zombie, she just checks her comments all day.
by julieroxurworld October 06, 2006
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1. An idiot who is easily drawn into things through bandwagon, esp. "scene people" (wiggers and camera whores), subnerds, and even Goths.
2. A follower--see "leaders and followers"
3. A wannabe.
4. Anyone who uses Myspace.
Shaun: OMG, we're being attacked by zombies...again! Oh, wait, no, false alarm, they're just myspacezombies.
myspacezombie1: omg...plz tlk abt my page lol here's my pics...blah, blah, blah *he smells bad.
by aka_Pyro April 21, 2007
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