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A person who doesn't have any real friends in school but has loads of friends on MySpace and most of them are people that are added randomly using the browse feature, celebrities, and whores.
Jim: Staci is such as loner... she doesn't have any friends in school.
Kyle: Check out her MySpace... I heard she has about 600 friends and most of them are just random people that I don't even know.
Jim: Yeah, right... she's a MySpace loner all right.
by The Prepster August 28, 2007
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Someone who uses Myspace, but gets no views and no interest in their profile, but still updates their activities and mood very often like they have many fans.
Chris: Right lets update the Myspace
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Chris types: Having a good day in my bedroom. How are we all today?

Myspace Loner
by Mattfox14 July 18, 2009
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