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the act of vehemently hating someone solely based on their idiotic myspace profile. For instance, you are bored at work browsing profiles and you come across a page that makes you want to vomit in your mouth. The sheer thought of actually meeting this person in real life makes you want to pack up and move to Antarctica pronto. But also, the thought of the profile becoming private also upsets you because you will no longer be able to get the satisfaction of continuing your myspace hate
Dude, I have so much myspace hate for Holly. Did you see her recent update? What a moron! An idiot! An imbecile! But um yeah, I will continue to check her page every day to further fuel this myspace hate that gives me my fuel for the day
by BabyEagleOne July 18, 2008
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To hate people on myspace usually with another person around as to share the joke
ayo son look at that profile that nigga has tupac on his profile like he think he gangsta livin in the hamptons, only reason that girl is in pic with him is cuz he has money hate hate hate hate he dont know how hard it is livin in the real hood in orlando florida :that was a myspace hate.............bitches
by haterclub inc April 22, 2006
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