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Also known as "myres"

Abbreviation for the official message board of the game Resistance: Fall of Man. The term spawned from users typing the first part of the URL into their address bar, then allowing the browser to recall the full URL. The term was later changed from myres to myrez for use elsewhere on the web, so that outsiders would pronounce it correctly, instead of saying (my-ress). This term is unpopular largely due to myrez users' tendency to not branch out over the internet for fear of not having strict mods to protect them and oppress people who tell it like it is.

The abbreviation MR has also been attempted several times on the board itself, but is widely accepted as fail, due to it's confusion with myrez user Mazer-Rackham.
"I get so fed up with the all the Ratchet-lovers on myrez."
by shyl0ck January 15, 2008
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