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Mutahar is the man behind the YouTube channelSomeOrdinaryGamers. He is a chubby Indian Canadian that's usually sleep deprived. His videos vary in content from originally Creepypasta readings and games based off these to light hearted gaming videos, voicing his opinion on subjects in the gaming community, and staying true to his roots by Deep Web Browsing and playing parodies of the Creepypasta games he played long ago. His videos use a lot of inside jokes from other videos that are used similarly to memes by his viewers, so this and his looks lead to jokes, often sexual in the comments of his videos.

TL;DR: Cringy Indian that got into memes and is now adored, never sleeps, and no longer cringy
1. Person A: Who is that funny guy on YouTube that says his name in the beginning of every video?
Person B: That's Mutahar, whom makes entertaining content.

2.Mutahar makes me mutahard
by MelvinIsMyCat June 28, 2017
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