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The nothingness of our society. You'll recognize them by these symptoms:

1. They are not aware of anything, numb, literally braindead

2. They will be virgins forever, not necessarily gay/lesbians just inhumanly asexual

3. They speak less than 100 words every day

4. The craziest thing they ever do is littering accidentally

5. They have fake friends, most are imagined

6. The furthest they've been from home is 10 miles

7. They havent seen themselves naked, and never will

8. They listen to Justin Timberlake

9. Their favorite pastimes are reading, watching grass grow, sitting around, jumping up and down, doing nothing

10. They have no dreams, no friends, no looks (mostly), no ambition, no money of their own. Socially challenged nerds.

Theyre behaviour resembles mushrooms. If you see someone who as even 5 of these symptoms, STAY AWAY!(SERIOUS)
I hate mushroom people, you should too
by Ajulaks February 02, 2008
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