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An accidental homicide which is the result of a particularly ridiculous blunder. A murderp can be easily distinguished from an ordinary case of murder or manslaughter by the level of unmitigated buffoonery which brings it to fruition.
Just as the hostage was about to be released, a trigger-happy police sniper fired at the kidnapper but instead hit the hostage, killing her instantly. Soon afterward, the officer was brought up on charges of second degree merderp.

If your keep allowing your toddler to carry baby ducks around by their necks, I fear a murderp will soon be taking place.

After wrecking his parents' car because he liked to drive while huffing solvent fumes, young George W. Bush knew he had to make up a good cover story. His parents would have been furious if they found out the car had actually been murderped.
by Lârry Dângüs, esq. January 24, 2011
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