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n. A website that is dedicated to letting anyone with a computer and at least a second-grade vocabulary review video games and/or draw "sprite comics".

v. To lower the overall quality of an organization, club, or community by dismissing intelligent, useful members and inviting many new, more popular ones.
n. "Munkki can never seem to keep one domain name for any extended period of time."

v. "Man, you really munkkied up our student government. Everybody is well-liked, but they're incapable of getting anything done."
by Smitt October 26, 2005
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Web site majorily populated by 15-year-old furries and anime freaks who actively participate in the creation and distribution of the eye-gouging atrocities known as sprite comics. The Alpha of this semi-cultic suckfest is some Iowan farm boy known as Gojirott.

He along with his posse of brownnoser butt-buddies (such as Woosh, Raysel and Myuutsuu) proceed to bring insurmountable levels of the stupidity to the hapless dimwits whom are bored and/or stupid enough to visit said site.
Munkki and the denizens associated with it are often referred to as the Sonic Cult of spritedom.
by DPI March 06, 2005
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