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verb: to be obsessed with Marcus Mumford (musician) and/or Mumford and Sons (band). Being Mumsessed means the person is about all things Mumford and Sons. This person has everything pertaining to Marcus Mumford and Mumford and Sons. He/She is in atleast 3 Mumford And Sons or Marcus Mumford love groups on Facebook, Follows all pages dedicated to Mumford And Sons on Twitter, has a tumblr account just for Mumford feed, and owns Mumford and Sons albums. This person always bashes anyone against Mumford and Sons and will ALWAYS defend them when someone insults them. This person is a TRUE Mumford and Sons fan who is obsessed with them.
Matty: "Listen to this new Ke$ha song!"
Cady: "I hate Ke$ha, I'd rather be mumsessed."

Being mumsessed is a big responsibility, you have to ABSOLUTELY L.O.V.E. great music!
by awesomemumford July 02, 2011
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