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First coined in the movie "Hot Shots!", it is a delicate corneal inversion procedure administered in the correction of walleye vision; however, due to the high risk of eye socket damage, it is normally carried out via the rectum.
Jim 'Wash Out' Pfaffenbach: I just got kicked out of the unit. My flight status has been withdrawn. I'm through, Dead Meat!

Pete 'Dead Meat' Thompson: What happened?

Jim 'Wash Out' Pfaffenbach: It's my eyes. I've got walleye-vision.

Pete 'Dead Meat' Thompson: Isn't there something that can be done?

Jim 'Wash Out' Pfaffenbach: Well, there's a delicate corneal inversion procedure... a multioptipupiloptomy. But, in order to keep from damaging the eye sockets, they've got to go in through the rectum. Ain't no man going to take that route with me!
by Kate Sjostrand February 20, 2008
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