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mulgrave is situated in the south east of melbourne it is a place where everybody wishes they could live. Commonly known as the "ghetto" or "bronx" as the younger greek or italian generation like to call it for its rough edge, punchons usually occur in mulgrave and stabbings are no surprise. According to the people in mulgrave, rowville is for the rich cunts, dandy is a hole, and glen waverley is a bit upper class and springvale is abit well weird. So mulgrave is stuck in the middle and is pretty much the perfect society. Communism would work in Mulgrave because everyone is equal and shares the same point of view that mulgrave is the best. whether you live in the shit or good side of mulgrave you are a mulgravian and proud of it
mulgrave is the fuckn best...........................
by mullies August 18, 2006
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Mulgrave is the home of heroes. Located on the better side of the Canso Causeway of Nova Scotia, Mulgrave is a town of magic, wonder, and eroticism. Anyone who was lucky enough to grow up there is a king among men, a true champ.
Respectable Young Gent: "Wow! What is this magical land that we have stumbled upon during our quest for manhood?"
Equally Respected Young Fellow: "Why, this must be Mulgrave!"
Mulgrave Resident and Totally Foxy and Mysterious Older Lady Who Probably Has a Hot Husband: "Welcome to Mulgrave, bitches! The land of the free!"
Respectable Young Gent: "I am so lucky to be experiencing this sensation right now! I love Mulgrave!"
by Mulgrave Resident! November 07, 2009
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