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Mulging is the art of destroying someone, often times in a video game. The history of the word comes from the abbreviation "MLG" which stands for Major League Gaming. It was often said that something was "MLG" when a clutch move was pulled. It was quite a hassle to always say the letters "M...L...G" so it became known as MULGE to the best players in the world. It is a nice single syllable word to describe the clutch ability of a professional player.

Mulge can also be used in the act of raping someone, literally or mentally. Players such as Jameskkkkk often get mulge in their mouths when they try to compete with quality people.

Ex2. "Yo bro you see me mulge that kid? He had no chance."
"Yeah you're a real mulger!"

Ex3. "Yo Hoe, u want sum mulge in yo mouth? Cuz datz what you gunna get."
by BlaxInPax December 07, 2009
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a fusion of man and bulge aka man bulge

the ever present bulge in a guys pants
"whoa, look at the mulge on that"

"omg, did you see his mulge?!'
by 2_lil_snails April 15, 2006
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