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(mulahcratic) an overtly presented theological polity or social movement with a hidden Marxian or Leftist objective.


Is either a form of usurper Marxian theological polity or a social or political, while overtly presenting itself as championing a religiously motivated proclivity, covertly, however, conceals a Leftist/Marxian disposition and agenda!. In the case of polities, the ascending to power and rule of mulahcracy polities are almost always institutions of the social minority which are then over the social majority by means of intimidation and violence imposed. Whereas Mulahcray or mulahcratic social movements are theological Marxian/Leftist initiatives by the social minor group within society which by means of deception and subversive means, deceive and coax the social majority into conceding to its predisposed sinister design.
the 1979 movement in Iran was a Mulahcratic initiative. The current Dictatorship in Iran today is a Mulahcracy.
by Darius Radmanesh July 24, 2018
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