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cool. or awesome. maybe even cold. like the weather. it's another word for cool. in all ways.
She is so mukti. or the weather is mukti outside. or i am so mukti
by May January 22, 2005
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mukti originates from d root word "much" in sanskrit language which stands for is widely used in hindu n jain philosophies referring to breaking universal bonds and attaining also refers to freedom from d four forms of life;human, animal, heavenly n creatures from hell n stopping d process of birth n rebirth in these four n forms and becoming god.
vardhamaan attained mukti n became bhagvaan mahavir. (god mahavir)
by mukti jain May 17, 2008
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Liberation from rebirth; profound. mukti is a sanscrit name for the hindu religon i should know my name is mukti. in more understadable terms is means freedom from being reborn in the cyle of rebirth.
Mukti is a sancrit name and there are no examples of how to use this name.
by Mukti7843 May 13, 2007
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