Mudslime is a derogatory name for a muslim.
"Oh shit, mudslimes".
by jvkgj January 13, 2006
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A term designated to no-good muslims (usually pakis, who have a lot in common with indians) who do nothing all day but prowl the streets to rape white girls, attend bomb-making lessons at their local mosques, and complain about rampant islamophobia. In essence, they are worth less than mud and slime, and are a tremendous burden to their communities; they will put up mosques and have prayer calls (athan) out loud for muslims to direct toward the mosque to pray, they will create sharia patrols pretending to be moral arbiters, and they'll play into the hands of (((them))) when they push for multiculturalism and open borders.

(Disclaimer: this is coming from an arab, and there are some arabs who fit this bill, but arabs should not be confused with muslims, neither should muslims with mudslimes)
go back to your shithole country you fucking paki mudslime

get your hands off our women you fucking bastard mudslime

oh great another mudslime preaching about islamophobia
by panarabnationalist July 3, 2019
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