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M. is used for individuals who has regular and/or intentional intercourse with dirt or mud. It is a strong word which can be offensive in certain contexts.
- That guy seems to like mud unusually much.
- Yeah, that's because he's a mudfucker
by Bertil Andersson April 21, 2007
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One who fornicates in wet dirt as a fetish or side pleasure.
Wow! With all of that water, dirt, and sex going on in that pile, you'd think they were a bunch of mud fuckers.
by T-Mac McButt-Snack October 27, 2007
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Anyone who uses falsehoods and blatant lies to justify a self-elevated position, removing themselves physically from the dirt they belong in for short bursts, only to get dirty again and again, in and out of the mud.
John Kerry is a mudfucker.
by Kerry Hater August 18, 2004
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