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During the act of lovemaking, the male proceeds to position his female partner such that her legs are pointing up and she is standing on her head/shoulders. He then proceeds to straddle her and defecate inside her vagina, thus making a "muddy taco."
Last night while Brett tried to give Margaret another muddy taco, he slipped and shat all over her.
by Bro DiMaggio October 04, 2013
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Buy yourself a can of chewing tobacco. Doesn't matter what kind. Copenhagen, grizzly, or (gay fruity) skoal. Then slap a nasty lovely dip in your lip and proceed to eat a sweet lookin coochie. As in oral sex.
White male: "Woman! Imma give you a muddy taco once I get in there!"

White male's Wife: "My lip (vaginal lip) is still buzzing from last time!"
by thatniggakidkenny September 30, 2014
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