"Mucking bin" refers to the act of male/female sexual intercourse.

"Muck" derives from the type of consistency created in mud when you get your boot stuck in it. "Mucking" is the action of pumping your male reproductive extremity in an inward/outward motion into a wet, viscous area; In this case, a bin.

"Bin", a variant of "dumpster" as defined in the term cum dumpster refers to a vagina.
Boys! Don't be shy with the Axe Body Spray tonight; We're out to muck some bin!

Did you hear Dan is taking his date out in his new car tonight? He's mucking bin for sure!

<phone rings> hello? hey, what are your plans tonight? my lady is coming over so I'm probably just mucking bin and ordering pizza (in no specific order). Enjoy the pizza!
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by ice2bb January 17, 2018
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